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2019 HB 7332: An Act Concerning Public Safety And The Welfare Of Repeat Juvenile Offenders And Their Victims.

To require the automatic transfer to criminal court of a case of a juvenile charged with larceny involving theft of a motor vehicle when the juvenile has at least four prior adjudications or convictions for a felony and to change the factors a court must consider when determining whether to transfer a case involving a juvenile charged with certain felonies.


  • Napoli, Ronald A.
  • Labriola, David K.
  • Sampson, Rob
  • Berthel, Eric C.
  • Klarides, Themis
  • Fishbein, Craig C.
  • Reyes, Geraldo C.
  • Sredzinski, J.P.
  • Logan, George S.
  • Hampton, John K.
  • Klarides-Ditria, Nicole
  • D'Amelio, Anthony J.
  • Cummings, Stephanie E.
  • Hartley, Joan V.


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