Bills in the Connecticut General Assembly

Recently Updated Bills

Session Bill Title
2021 HB 6467 An Act Concerning The Small Business Express Program.
2021 HB 6318 An Act Concerning Service Animals.
2021 SB 884 An Act Reducing Transportation Related Carbon Emissions.
2021 SB 887 An Act Authorizing And Adjusting Bonds Of The State For Capital Improvements, Transportation And Other Purposes.
2021 SB 660 An Act Expanding Workers' Compensation Benefits For Mental Or Emotional Impairments Suffered By All Workers.

Recent Reactions

Bill Title
SB 1091 An Act Concerning A Study Of Criminal Laws Of This State.
SB 978 An Act Concerning Parole Opportunities For Individuals Serving Lengthy Sentences For Crimes Committed Before The Individual Turned Twenty Five Years Of Age.
SB 989 An Act Concerning Online Harassment.
HB 6389 An Act Concerning Explanations Of Benefits.
HB 6646 An Act Concerning Crumbling Concrete Foundations.
SB 1103 An Act Concerning Emissions And Decibel Level Testing, The Taxation Of Certain Motorcycles And Parts And The Passport To The Parks Fee.
HB 6443 An Act Concerning Revenue Items To Implement The Governor's Budget.
HB 6228 An Act Prohibiting Institutions Of Higher Education From Inquiring About A Prospective Student's Criminal History During The Admissions Process.
SB 892 An Act Concerning The Criminal Justice Commission, Division Of Criminal Justice And The Office Of The Inspector General.
SB 1059 An Act Concerning The Correction Accountability Commission, The Office Of The Correction Ombuds, The Use Of Isolated Confinement, Seclusion And Restraints, Social Contacts For Incarcerated Persons And Training And Workers' Compensation Benefits For Correction Officers.
HB 6516 An Act Mitigating Adverse Tax Consequences Resulting From Employees Working Remotely During Covid 19, And Concerning The Removal Of Liens On The Property Of Public Assistance Beneficiaries And A Three Tiered Grants In Lieu Of Taxes Program.
HB 5011 An Act Concerning The Copying Of Public Records Under The Freedom Of Information Act.
SB 326 An Act Prohibiting The Sale Of Flavored Cigarettes, Tobacco Products, Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems And Vapor Products.
SB 901 An Act Extending To June 30, 2021, Changes Implemented For The 2020 State Election As A Result Of Covid 19.
HB 6659 An Act Concerning The Establishment Of The Connecticut Baby Bond Trust.