Bills in the Connecticut General Assembly

Recently Updated Bills

Session Bill Title
2023 HB 6941 An Act Concerning The State Budget For The Biennium Ending June 30, 2025, And Making Appropriations Therefor, And Provisions Related To Revenue And Other Items Implementing The State Budget.
2023 HB 6397 An Act Concerning Zero Carbon Emissions.
2023 SB 1221 An Act Concerning The Enforcement Of Violations Of The Freedom Of Information Act And The Reporting Of Open Requests.
2023 SB 9 An Act Concerning Health And Wellness For Connecticut Residents.
2023 HB 6768 An Act Concerning The Department Of Consumer Protection's Recommendations Regarding Prescription Drug Regulation.

Recent Reactions

Bill Title
SB 631 An Act Concerning The Penalties For Distracted Driving.
SB 1103 An Act Concerning Artificial Intelligence, Automated Decision Making And Personal Data Privacy.
SB 932 An Act Concerning Police Animals And Dogs In Volunteer Canine Search And Rescue Teams.
HB 6630 An Act Increasing Husky C Asset And Income Limits.
HB 6699 An Act Concerning Cannabis Regulation.
HB 5571 An Act Concerning Reducing Plastics And Developing Connecticut's Economy In The Recyclable And Compostable Packaging Sector.
SB 952 An Act Concerning Parole Eligibility For An Individual Serving A Lengthy Sentence For A Crime Committed Before The Individual Reached The Age Of Twenty Five.
HB 6548 An Act Concerning The Department Of Consumer Protection's Recommendations Regarding Alcoholic Liquor Regulation.
SB 351 An Act Concerning The Restructuring Of Certain Taxes And Tax Equity.
HB 6648 An Act Concerning The Online Recording, Indexing And Searching Of Municipal Land Records And Maps.
HB 6484 An Act Concerning Certain Harvesting Of Horseshoe Crabs.
HB 6820 An Act Preventing An Adverse Action Against A Health Care Provider Due To An Adverse Action Taken By Another State As A Result Of Such Provider's Involvement In The Termination Of A Pregnancy.
SB 1226 An Act Concerning State Voting Rights In Recognition Of John R. Lewis.
SB 1195 An Act Establishing Secondary Traffic Violations.
HB 6746 An Act Concerning Wrong Way Driving Detection And Prevention.