Bills in the Connecticut General Assembly

Recently Updated Bills

Session Bill Title
2021 HB 6278 An Act Expanding Workers' Compensation Coverage For Certain First Responders And Other Personnel.
2021 SB 684 An Act Concerning The Issuance Of Removable Windshield Placards To Parents And Guardians.
2021 HB 5928 An Act Establishing A Task Force To Examine The State's Summary Process Procedures.
2021 SB 1096 An Act Authorizing The Exchange Of Excess Credits With The State At A Reduced Rate.
2021 HB 5564 An Act Concerning The Continuation Of Retirement Allowances For Certain Retirees Upon Subsequent Employment By A Board Of Education.

Recent Reactions

Bill Title
HB 6187 An Act Concerning The Restructuring Of Certain Taxes And Tax Equity.
HB 6555 An Act Concerning Legislative Oversight And Approval Of Covid 19 Relief Funds.
SB 884 An Act Reducing Transportation Related Carbon Emissions.
HB 6447 An Act Creating The Covered Connecticut Program To Expand Access To Affordable Health Care.
SB 883 An Act Concerning The Recommendations Of The Governor's Council On Women And Girls.
SB 972 An Act Concerning The Cost Of Telecommunications Services In Correctional Facilities.
HB 6451 An Act Concerning Gaming Agreements With The Mashantucket Pequot Tribe And The Mohegan Tribe Of Indians Of Connecticut.
HB 6377 An Act Concerning Labor Peace Agreements And A Modern And Equitable Cannabis Workforce.
HB 6672 An Act Concerning Public Health And Civil Preparedness Emergencies Declared And Renewed By The Governor.
SB 340 An Act Concerning Funding For Housing Services.
SB 1037 An Act Concerning Solid Waste Management.
SB 1091 An Act Concerning A Study Of Criminal Laws Of This State.
SB 978 An Act Concerning Parole Opportunities For Individuals Serving Lengthy Sentences For Crimes Committed Before The Individual Turned Twenty Five Years Of Age.
SB 989 An Act Concerning Online Harassment.
HB 6389 An Act Concerning Explanations Of Benefits.