Bills in the Connecticut General Assembly

Recently Updated Bills

Session Bill Title
2020 HB 5518 An Act Authorizing And Adjusting Bonds Of The State For Capital Improvements, Transportation And Other Purposes, And Concerning Municipal Reports On Certain Property Tax Exemptions, Validation Of A Referendum And Highway Projects.
2020 SB 82 An Act Establishing A Task Force To Review Voluntarism Needs Of The State Ombudsman.
2020 SB 1 An Act Concerning The Manufacture And Distribution Of Insulin.
2020 HB 5419 An Act Requiring Businesses Receiving Financial Assistance From The Department Of Economic And Community Development To Make Good Faith Efforts To Employ Persons With Autism Spectrum Disorder Or Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities.
2020 SB 203 An Act Requiring Health Insurance Coverage For Motorized Wheelchairs.

Recent Reactions

Bill Title
HB 5448 An Act Concerning A Risk Protection Order Or Warrant.
SB 148 An Act Requiring The Use Of Helmets By Motorcycle Operators And Passengers Under Twenty One Years Of Age.
SB 346 An Act Concerning Public Options For Health Care In Connecticut.
SB 212 An Act Authorizing A Casino Gaming Facility In Bridgeport, Sports Wagering, Entertainment Zones, Online Gaming, Online Lottery Ticket Sales And Online Keno.
SB 371 An Act Eliminating The Requirement That Food Establishments Register With The Department Of Public Health.
SB 328 An Act Concerning Health Care Cost Growth Benchmarks, Canadian Drug Reimportation, Stop Loss Insurance And Reinsurance.
SB 367 An Act Subjecting The Partnership For Connecticut, Inc. To The Freedom Of Information Act And State Ethics Code.
SB 314 An Act Concerning The Inclusion Of Native American Studies In The Social Studies Curriculum.
HB 5217 An Act Establishing A Working Group To Study Issues Relating To School Start Times.
SB 403 An Act Concerning The Board Of Pardons And Paroles, Erasure Of Criminal Records For Certain Misdemeanor And Felony Offenses And Prohibiting Discrimination Based On Erased Criminal History Record Information.
HB 5145 An Act Concerning The Annual Reporting Of The Number Of Verified Acts Of Bullying In Schools.
HB 5340 An Act Concerning The Modernization Of The Connecticut Bottle Redemption Program.
HB 5154 An Act Providing For The Retention Of Unclaimed Bottle Deposits By Distributors And Requiring An Increase In The Handling Fee Paid To Redemption Centers.
HB 5412 An Act Concerning Electronic Notice Of Special Meetings Under The Freedom Of Information Act.
HB 5277 An Act Decreasing Fees For Copying Public Records Under The Freedom Of Information Act.