Bills in the Connecticut General Assembly

Recently Updated Bills

Session Bill Title
2020 HB 5167 An Act Concerning Studies Of The Effect Of Legalized Gambling.
2020 HB 5161 An Act Concerning The Members And Duties Of The State Historic Preservation Board.
2020 HB 5163 An Act Eliminating Certain Inactive Advisory Groups.
2020 SB 132 An Act Concerning A State Ecotourism Map.
2020 HB 5164 An Act Authorizing Bonds Of The State For The Development Of The Waterbury Rail Line.

Recent Reactions

Bill Title
HB 6540 An Act Concerning The Prevention Of Hiv.
SB 957 An Act Concerning The Inclusion Of Computer Science Instruction In The Public School Curriculum, Programs Of Teacher Preparation And In Service Training Programs For Teachers.
HB 7163 An Act Implementing The Governor's Budget Recommendations For The Department Of Aging And Disability Services.
HB 7179 An Act Concerning Crumbling Concrete Foundations.
SB 14 An Act Permitting The Use Of Citizens' Election Program Grant Funds To Offset A Participating Candidate's Childcare Costs.
SB 1 An Act Concerning The Manufacture And Distribution Of Insulin.
SB 10 An Act Concerning Certain Recommendations Regarding Climate Change.
SB 16 An Act Concerning The Adult Use Of Cannabis.
SB 12 An Act Authorizing And Adjusting Bonds Of The State For Capital Improvements, Transportation And Other Purposes.
HB 5044 An Act Concerning Immunizations.
SB 21 An Act Authorizing Sports Wagering, Online Gaming, Online Lottery Ticket Sales And Online Keno And Providing Revenue To The State From Such Gaming.
HB 5040 An Act Establishing An Excise Tax On Ammunition.
HB 5133 An Act Concerning The Use Of The Penfield Reef Lighthouse As A Columbarium.
HB 5019 An Act Concerning Fair Futures Following Erasure Of Criminal Records.
HB 5166 An Act Concerning Payment In Lieu Of Taxes.