Bills in the Connecticut General Assembly

Behind the Bills:

Bill Title
SB 226 An Act Authorizing Dual Landings Of Fish In The State.
SB 539 An Act Concerning The Sale Of Cider And Food By Holders Of A Manufacturer Permit For Cider.
SB 556 An Act Concerning Additional Compensation For Certain Retired Public Safety Employees.
SB 851 An Act Prohibiting The Disaggregation Of Student Data By Ethnic Subgroups In The Public School Information System.
HB 7335 An Act Concerning Out Of State Use Of Electronic Benefit Transfer Cards.

Recently Updated Bills:

Session Bill Title
2019 HB 7374 An Act Concerning The Connecticut Airport And Aviation Account And Reducing The Rate Of Sales And Use Taxes On Dyed Diesel Fuel Used For Marine Purposes.
2019 HB 7381 An Act Concerning Police Pursuits Of Stolen Motor Vehicles Being Operated By Or Involving A Passenger Who Is A Juvenile.
2019 HB 7380 An Act Concerning Access To Medical Records That Are Subject To The Federal Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act.
2019 HB 7382 An Act Concerning Civil Actions Brought By Elderly Victims Of Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation Or Abandonment.
2019 HB 7376 An Act Concerning Nexus Provisions For Certain Disaster Related Or Emergency Related Work Performed In The State.

Recent Reactions:

Bill Title
HB 7082 An Act Concerning The Inclusion Of African American Studies In The Public School Curriculum.
HB 7218 An Act Concerning The Safe Storage Of Firearms In The Home.
HB 7219 An Act Concerning Ghost Guns.
SB 880 An Act Increasing Fairness And Transparency In The Criminal Justice System.
HB 7332 An Act Concerning Public Safety And The Welfare Of Repeat Juvenile Offenders And Their Victims.
HB 5898 An Act Concerning Aid In Dying For Terminally Ill Patients.
SB 388 An Act Concerning A Person's Intersex Status Or Characteristics.
HB 5110 An Act Applying The Security Exemption Under The Freedom Of Information Act To The Connecticut Airport Authority.
SB 869 An Act Concerning Recommendations By The Connecticut Airport Authority Regarding Nonbudgeted Expenditures, The Connecticut Airport And Aviation Account And The Security Exemption Under The Freedom Of Information Act.
SB 2 An Act Increasing The Minimum Fair Wage.
HB 7191 An Act Increasing The Minimum Wage.
SB 1004 An Act Concerning Public Insurance Options For Small Business Employees.
HB 7319 An Act Concerning Fiscal Independence Of School Districts.
SB 877 An Act Concerning Revenue Items To Implement The Governor's Budget.
HB 7371 An Act Concerning The Retail Sale Of Cannabis.