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2024 SB 2: An Act Concerning Artificial Intelligence.

To: (1) Establish requirements concerning the development, deployment and use of certain artificial intelligence systems; (2) establish an Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council; (3) prohibit dissemination of certain synthetic images; (4) prohibit distribution of, and agreements to distribute, certain deceptive media concerning elections; (5) require state agencies to study potential uses of generative artificial intelligence and propose pilot projects; (6) require the Commissioner of Administrative Services to provide training concerning generative artificial intelligence; (7) require the Chief Workforce Officer to (A) incorporate artificial intelligence training into workforce training programs, and (B) design a broadband outreach program; (8) require the Board of Regents for Higher Education to establish (A) a "Connecticut Citizens AI Academy", and (B) certificate programs in fields related to artificial intelligence; and (9) require the Department of Economic and Community Development to (A) develop a plan to offer high-performance computing services, (B) establish a confidential computing cluster, and (C) conduct a "CT AI Symposium".

Behind the Bill