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2019 SB 1134: An Act Restructuring The State Bond Commission And Establishing A Dedicated Bonding Section Within The Legislative Office Of Fiscal Analysis.

To restructure the State Bond Commission and establish a dedicated bonding unit within the legislative Office of Fiscal Analysis.


  • Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee,


2019-04-24 upper REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Finance, Revenue and Bonding
2019-04-25 upper PUBLIC HEARING 0429
2019-05-01 upper Joint Favorable
2019-05-02 upper FILED WITH LCO
2019-05-13 upper REFERRED TO Office of Legislative Research AND Office of Fiscal Analysis 05/20/19
2019-05-20 upper RPTD. OUT OF LCO
2019-05-20 upper FAV. RPT., TAB. FOR CAL., SEN.
2019-05-20 upper SENATE CALENDAR NUMBER 555
2019-05-20 upper FILE NO. 926

Behind the Bill