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2019 SB 792: An Act Creating A Task Force To Study Discrimination On The Basis Of Gender Identity Or Expression That Occurs In State Workplaces And Schools.

To establish an advisory committee that shall examine how state laws may be enhanced in order to strengthen protections against discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression that occurs in workplaces and schools.


  • Bradley, Dennis A.,
  • Lesser, Matthew L.,
  • Kushner, Julie,
  • Michel, David,
  • Elliott, Josh,
  • Looney, Martin M.,
  • Maroney, James J.,
  • Flexer, Mae,
  • Cassano, Steve,
  • Leone, Carlo,
  • Needleman, Norman,
  • Haskell, Will,
  • Daugherty Abrams, Mary,
  • Moore, Marilyn V.,
  • Bergstein, Alexandra,
  • Duff, Bob,
  • Linehan, Liz,
  • Cohen, Christine,


2019-01-29 upper REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Judiciary
2019-02-15 upper Vote to Draft
2019-03-14 upper DRAFTED BY COMMITTEE
2019-03-15 upper REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Judiciary
2019-03-25 upper PUBLIC HEARING 0329
2019-04-08 upper Joint Favorable
2019-04-10 upper FILED WITH LCO
2019-04-18 upper REFERRED TO Office of Legislative Research AND Office of Fiscal Analysis 04/24/19
2019-04-25 upper RPTD. OUT OF LCO
2019-04-25 upper FAV. RPT., TAB. FOR CAL., SEN.
2019-04-25 upper SENATE CALENDAR NUMBER 387
2019-04-25 upper FILE NO. 795
2019-05-14 upper SEN. REJ. SEN. AMEND. SCH. A
2019-05-14 lower SENATE PASSED
2019-05-14 lower ON CONSENT CALENDAR
2019-05-16 lower HOUSE CALENDAR NUMBER 606

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