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2020 HB 5175: An Act Concerning Diabetes And High Deductible Health Plans.

To: (1) Expand required health insurance coverage for prescription drugs, equipment and supplies used to treat diabetes; (2) restrict cost-sharing for such drugs, equipment and supplies; (3) require licensed pharmacists to dispense such drugs, equipment and supplies without a prescription in certain circumstances; (4) require the Commissioner of Social Services to study and report regarding the feasibility of implementing a low-income diabetes assistance fund; and (5) make changes to various provisions of the general statutes concerning high deductible health plans to more closely conform to provisions of the Internal Revenue Code concerning health savings accounts and medical savings accounts.


  • Carney, Devin R.
  • Johnson, Susan M.
  • Rose, Kim
  • Rochelle, Kara
  • Cheeseman, Holly H.
  • Dathan, Lucy
  • Godfrey, Bob
  • Turco, Gary A.
  • Borer, Dorinda
  • Yaccarino, Dave W.
  • Mcgee, Brandon L.
  • Green, Robin
  • Rotella, Kate
  • Conley, Christine


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