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2020 HB 5324: An Act Concerning Pedestrian Safety At Crosswalks, Speed Limits In Municipalities, Fines And Charges For Certain Violations And The Greenways Commemorative Account.

To (1) require motorists to grant the right-of-way to pedestrians who affirmatively indicate their intention to cross the road in a crosswalk; (2) allow local traffic authorities to establish lower speed limits on streets under their jurisdiction by holding a public hearing regarding such speed limits and providing notification of such speed limits to the Office of the State Traffic Administration; (3) increase the fine for operating a motor vehicle while using a hand-held mobile telephone or electronic device; (4) increase the additional fee provided to municipalities for certain traffic violations; (5) establish a fine for opening the door of a motor vehicle in a way that impedes the travel of a pedestrian or a person riding a bicycle; and (6) establish the greenways commemorative account.


  • Lemar, Roland J.
  • D'agostino, Michael
  • Hampton, John K.
  • Concepcion, Julio A.
  • Haskell, Will
  • Elliott, Josh
  • Doucette, Jason
  • Currey, Jeff
  • Horn, Maria P.
  • Ritter, Matthew


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