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2020 HB 5419: An Act Requiring Businesses Receiving Financial Assistance From The Department Of Economic And Community Development To Make Good Faith Efforts To Employ Persons With Autism Spectrum Disorder Or Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities.

To require businesses receiving financial assistance from the Department of Economic and Community Development to make good faith efforts to employ persons with autism spectrum disorder or intellectual and developmental disabilities.


  • Kokoruda, Noreen S.,
  • Hill, Leslee B.,
  • Felipe, Antonio,
  • Palm, Christine,
  • Conley, Christine,
  • Rochelle, Kara,
  • Slap, Derek,
  • Hampton, John K.,
  • Exum, Tammy R.,
  • Buckbee, Bill,
  • Wood, Kerry Szeps,


2020-03-02 lower REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Commerce
2020-03-06 lower PUBLIC HEARING 0310

Behind the Bill