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2020 SB 19: An Act Concerning Sexual Misconduct On College Campuses.

To (1) establish a Council on Sexual Misconduct Climate Survey to create a sexual misconduct climate survey for use by institutions of higher education in the state, and (2) protect students who report being a victim or witness of sexual assault, stalking or violence from disciplinary action by the institution of higher education.


  • Phipps, Quentin W.
  • Hughes, Anne Meiman
  • Farnen, Brian
  • Petit, William A.
  • Smith, Brian T.
  • Slap, Derek
  • Borer, Dorinda
  • Linehan, Liz
  • Elliott, Josh
  • Devlin, Laura M.
  • Stallworth, Charlie L.
  • Hwang, Tony
  • Bolinsky, Mitch
  • Conley, Christine


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