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2020 SB 346: An Act Concerning Public Options For Health Care In Connecticut.

To: (1) Establish the ConnectHealth Program, the ConnectHealth Trust Account and the ConnectHealth Advisory Board; (2) require the Comptroller, in consultation with the ConnectHealth Advisory Board and the Office of Health Strategy, to establish the ConnectHealth Plan; (3) authorize the Comptroller to offer coverage to plan participants and beneficiaries in this state under a multiemployer plan, nonprofit employers and their employees, and small employers and their employees; and (4) require the Commissioner of Social Services to seek to amend the federal waiver for the state-wide dental plan that provides for the administration of the dental services portion of the department's medical assistance to expand coverage to include additional individuals in this state.


  • Kasser, Alex
  • Anwar, Saud
  • Winkler, Michael A.
  • Dathan, Lucy
  • Haskell, Will
  • Mushinsky, Mary M.


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