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2020 SB 81: An Act Permitting The Community Spouse Of An Institutionalized Medicaid Recipient To Retain The Maximum Amount Of Allowable Assets.

To reduce the financial burden on spouses of nursing home residents whose care is being funded under the Medicaid program.


  • Meskers, Stephen R,


2020-02-13 upper REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Aging
2020-02-14 upper PUBLIC HEARING 0218
2020-03-04 upper Joint Favorable Change of Reference APP
2020-03-04 upper FILED WITH LCO
2020-03-05 upper RPTD. OUT OF LCO
2020-03-05 upper FAV. CHG. OF REF., SEN. TO COMM. ON Appropriations
2020-03-06 upper FAV. CHG. OF REF. HOUSE TO COMM.ON APP

Behind the Bill