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2021 HB 6355: An Act Concerning Risk Protection Orders Or Warrants.

To (1) establish a risk protection order and to expand upon the list of persons who may be complainants for purposes of issuance of a risk warrant; (2) require the Judicial Branch to develop and make available a form and explanatory materials to persons applying for a risk protection order; (3) disqualify persons subject to a standing risk protection order from possessing firearms or ammunition; and (4) penalize any such possession.


  • Gucker, Kenneth M
  • Stafstrom, Steven J.
  • Parker, John-michael
  • Gilchrest, Jillian
  • Goupil, Christine
  • Haskell, Will
  • Horn, Maria P.
  • Elliott, Josh
  • Berger-girvalo, Aimee
  • Godfrey, Bob
  • Palm, Christine
  • Steinberg, Jonathan
  • Michel, David
  • Hampton, John K.
  • Anwar, Saud
  • Mccarthy Vahey, Cristin
  • Doucette, Jason
  • Allie-brennan, Raghib
  • Maroney, James J.
  • Blumenthal, Matt


2021-02-01 REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Judiciary
2021-02-25 PUBLIC HEARING 0305

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