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2021 HB 6611: An Act Concerning A Needs Assessment And Other Policies Regarding Affordable Housing And Development.

To provide for (1) an assessment of the state-wide need for affordable housing and an allocation of such need to planning regions and municipalities, (2) the creation of affordable housing planning and zoning goals for each municipality, (3) the implementation schedule for such goals, (4) enforcement of such goals, and (5) state support to meet affordable housing needs beyond those met through such goals.


  • Elliott, Josh
  • Candelaria, Juan R.
  • Winkler, Michael A.
  • Rojas, Jason


2021-03-10 REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Planning and Development
2021-03-11 PUBLIC HEARING 0315
2021-03-31 Joint Favorable Substitute
2021-04-05 FILED WITH LCO

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