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2021 SB 55: An Act Designating Racism As A Public Health Crisis In The State And Establishing A Commission To Study The Impact Of Institutional Racism On Public Health.

To designate racism as a public health crisis in the state and establish a commission to study the impact of institutional racism on public health.


  • Nolan, Anthony L.
  • Dathan, Lucy
  • Felipe, Antonio
  • Porter, Robyn A.
  • Winfield, Gary A.
  • Doucette, Jason
  • Bradley, Dennis A.
  • Slap, Derek
  • Exum, Tammy R.
  • Winkler, Michael A.
  • Elliott, Josh
  • Gucker, Kenneth M
  • Anwar, Saud
  • Michel, David
  • Simms, Travis
  • Rojas, Jason
  • Young, Philip L.
  • Gilchrest, Jillian
  • Moore, Marilyn V.
  • Morrin Bello, Amy
  • Turco, Gary A.
  • Luxenberg, Geoff


2021-01-08 REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Public Health

Behind the Bill