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2021 SB 651: An Act Allowing Municipalities To Contribute To The Connecticut Higher Education Trust And 529 Plans.

To allow municipalities to contribute to the Connecticut Higher Education Trust and qualified tuition programs exempt from taxation under Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code.


  • Anwar, Saud
  • Bradley, Dennis A.
  • Simms, Travis


2021-01-28 REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Higher Education and Employment Advancement
2021-02-04 Change of Reference KID
2021-02-04 CHG. REF., SEN. TO COMM. ON Committee on Children
2021-02-04 CHG. REF., HOUSE TO COMM. ON Committee on Children
2021-02-09 Reserved for Subject Matter Public Hearing
2021-02-11 PUBLIC HEARING 0218
2021-02-25 Vote to Draft

Behind the Bill