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2022 SB 388: An Act Concerning The Defense Of A Person Or A Person's Dwelling, Place Of Work Or Motor Vehicle.

To create a presumption that it is reasonable to believe deadly physical force is necessary to defend (1) oneself or another person as prescribed in section 53a-19, or (2) oneself from a person who has unlawfully entered one's dwelling, place of work or motor vehicle.


  • Mastrofrancesco, Gale L.
  • Sampson, Rob
  • Fishbein, Craig C.
  • Berthel, Eric C.
  • Lanoue, Brian
  • Harrison, Cindy
  • Pavalock-d'amato, Cara Christine


2022-03-09 REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Judiciary
2022-03-10 PUBLIC HEARING 0314

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