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2023 HB 5571: An Act Concerning Reducing Plastics And Developing Connecticut's Economy In The Recyclable And Compostable Packaging Sector.

To decrease consumption of single-use plastic products, improve consumer understanding of what is recyclable or compostable and what is not and develop a robust Connecticut industry to manufacture, market and distribute viable, environmentally sound alternatives to petroleum-based plastics.


  • Michel, David
  • Dathan, Lucy
  • Elliott, Josh
  • Paris, Corey P.
  • Farrar, Kate
  • Berger-girvalo, Aimee
  • Arzeno, Hector
  • Gilchrest, Jillian
  • Palm, Christine
  • Turco, Gary A.
  • Chafee, Brandon
  • Kavros Degraw, Eleni
  • Leeper, Jennifer
  • Parker, John-michael


2023-01-18 REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Environment

Behind the Bill