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2023 HB 5653: An Act Establishing An Excise Tax On Ammunition To Provide Funding For Community Gun Violence And Intervention Program Grants.

To establish an excise tax on the purchase of ammunition by a business for sale at retail and dedicate the revenue generated from such tax to fund grants through the community gun violence intervention and prevention program, with the advice of the Commission on Community Gun Violence Intervention and Prevention.


  • Dillon, Patricia A.
  • Hall, Joshua M.
  • Gilchrest, Jillian
  • Paris, Corey P.
  • Stafstrom, Steven J.
  • Delany, Hubert D.
  • Elliott, Josh
  • Michel, David


2023-01-18 REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Finance, Revenue and Bonding
2023-02-06 Reserved for Subject Matter Public Hearing
2023-02-17 PUBLIC HEARING 0222

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