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2023 HB 6628: An Act Concerning Medicaid Coverage Of Biomarker Testing.

To improve treatments for cancer and other conditions and diseases by approving Medicaid coverage for biomarker testing.


  • Farrar, Kate
  • Hall, Joshua M.
  • Palm, Christine
  • Rahman, Md
  • Michel, David
  • Doucette, Jason
  • Slap, Derek


2023-02-09 REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Human Services
2023-02-10 PUBLIC HEARING 0214
2023-03-02 Joint Favorable Change of Reference APP
2023-03-02 FILED WITH LCO
2023-03-03 RPTD. OUT OF LCO
2023-03-03 FAV. CHG. OF REF. HOUSE TO COMM. ON Appropriations
2023-03-07 FAV. CHG. OF REF., SEN. TO COMM. ON Appropriations

Behind the Bill