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2023 HB 6874: An Act Concerning Judicial Branch Operations, The Sharing Of Judicial Branch Records And The Award Of Damages In Certain Civil Matters.

To: (1) Eliminate the requirement that the parties to a dissolution or legal separation action wait ninety days after the return date before proceeding on such action, (2) expand access to juvenile and youthful offender proceedings to the next of kin of victims, (3) specify that information obtained and results of the risk and behavioral health screening shall be used for the purpose of identifying appropriate treatment and interventions for a child, (4) require the Victim Services Unit within the Department of Correction to inform a crime victim, who is registered with said unit, of the Board of Pardons and Paroles intent to consider terminating the period of special parole that was imposed on the person committing the crime, (5) include enhanced penalties for assaults on Judicial Branch personnel providing post-conviction secure detention and programming services to juveniles adjudicated of a delinquent act, (6) remove obsolete statutory references to "family with service needs", (7) revise statutes relating to the sharing of certain Judicial Branch records, (8) address the award of damages in certain employment related matters, (9) establish the crime of intimidating a judge or family support magistrate, (10) repeal obsolete statutes concerning messengers employed by the Judicial Branch, (11) change the name of the judicial district of Fairfield to the judicial district of Bridgeport, and (12) make technical and conforming statutory changes.


  • Judiciary Committee


2023-03-07 REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Judiciary
2023-03-10 PUBLIC HEARING 0315

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