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2023 SB 1022: An Act Requiring Police Officers To Provide A Driver With The Reason For A Traffic Stop And Concerning Certain Police Officer Training.

To require police officers to inform drivers of the reason for a traffic stop and encourage additional police officer training on de-escalation, use of force, customer service, diversity and bias.


  • Porter, Robyn A.
  • Simms, Travis
  • Hall, Joshua M.
  • Stafstrom, Steven J.
  • Rosario, Christopher
  • Felipe, Antonio
  • Gee, Fred
  • Gaston, Herron
  • Roberts, Kadeem


2023-02-15 REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Public Safety and Security
2023-02-17 PUBLIC HEARING 0223
2023-03-16 Joint Favorable Substitute
2023-03-16 FILED WITH LCO

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