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2023 SB 1082: An Act Implementing The Recommendations Of The Department Of Transportation Regarding A Reduction In Blood Alcohol Limits For Impaired Driving And Boating, Establishing The Connecticut Public Transportation Council, The Shore Line East Study And Motor Vehicles In Livery Service.

To implement recommendations of the Department of Transportation concerning (1) lowering the blood alcohol content for driving and boating under the influence from eight-hundredths to five-hundredths of one per cent of alcohol, by weight, (2) establishing the Connecticut Public Transportation Council, (3) requiring the results of the study regarding the Shore Line East rail line be submitted on or before December 1, 2023, and (4) motor vehicles in livery service.


  • Garibay, Jane M.


2023-02-22 REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Transportation
2023-02-23 PUBLIC HEARING 0227
2023-03-10 Joint Favorable Substitute
2023-03-13 FILED WITH LCO
2023-03-22 REFERRED TO Office of Legislative Research AND Office of Fiscal Analysis 03/27/23
2023-03-28 RPTD. OUT OF LCO
2023-03-28 FAV. RPT., TAB. FOR CAL., SEN.
2023-03-28 FILE NO. 250

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