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2024 HB 5150: An Act Concerning Cannabis And Hemp Regulation.

To: (1) Redefine "high-THC hemp product" and "disproportionately impacted area"; (2) enable certain social equity applicants to engage in additional cultivation activities and apply for additional licenses; (3) modify certain common ownership requirements concerning equity joint ventures; (4) enable product packagers to expand their authorized activities; (5) limit the licensing period for certain provisional cultivator licenses; (6) modify requirements concerning the location of cultivation facilities; (7) authorize micro-cultivators to sell cannabis seedlings; (8) authorize hybrid retailers to provide access to pharmacists through telehealth; (9) establish additional requirements concerning dispensary facility and hybrid retailer relocations; (10) alter certain requirements applicable to packaging containing (A) multiple servings of cannabis, or (B) manufacturer hemp products; (11) provide that no cannabis establishment shall engage in certain advertising; and (12) make various minor, technical and conforming changes to statutes concerning cannabis and hemp regulation.

Behind the Bill