Bills in the Connecticut General Assembly

Behind the Bills:

Bill Title
SB 226 An Act Authorizing Dual Landings Of Fish In The State.
SB 539 An Act Concerning The Sale Of Cider And Food By Holders Of A Manufacturer Permit For Cider.
SB 556 An Act Concerning Additional Compensation For Certain Retired Public Safety Employees.
SB 851 An Act Prohibiting The Disaggregation Of Student Data By Ethnic Subgroups In The Public School Information System.
HB 7335 An Act Concerning Out Of State Use Of Electronic Benefit Transfer Cards.

Recently Updated Bills:

Session Bill Title
2019 SR 27 Resolution Proposing Approval Of An Interest Arbitration Award Between The State Of Connecticut And The Connecticut State Employees Association, Seiu Local 2001, Correction Supervisors Council, Np 8 Unit.
2019 HB 7223 An Act Concerning The Storage Of A Pistol Or Revolver In A Motor Vehicle.
2019 HB 7272 An Act Concerning The Disposition Of A Decedent's Body.
2019 HB 7304 An Act Concerning Economic Development.
2019 SB 380 An Act Concerning Mental Health And Wellness Training And Suicide Prevention For Law Enforcement Officers.

Recent Reactions:

Bill Title
SB 1030 An Act Concerning The Audit Period For The Transfer Of Hazardous Waste Establishments.
HB 7389 An Act Concerning Confidentiality In The Case Of A Discretionary Transfer Of A Juvenile's Case To The Regular Criminal Docket And Implementing The Recommendations Of The Juvenile Justice Policy And Oversight Committee.
HB 7294 An Act Concerning Bottle Redemption In The State.
SB 1138 An Act Concerning Community Restoration Funds.
SB 1139 An Act Eliminating Property Tax On Certain Motor Vehicles And Adjusting The Uniform Property Assessment Rate.
SB 792 An Act Creating A Task Force To Study Discrimination On The Basis Of Gender Identity Or Expression That Occurs In State Workplaces And Schools.
SB 1134 An Act Restructuring The State Bond Commission And Establishing A Dedicated Bonding Section Within The Legislative Office Of Fiscal Analysis.
SB 876 An Act Authorizing And Adjusting Bonds Of The State For Capital Improvements, Transportation And Other Purposes.
SB 402 An Act Creating A State Office To Investigate Complaints Against Police Officers.
HB 7148 An Act Concerning The State Budget For The Biennium Ending June Thirtieth, 2021, And Making Appropriations Therefor.
HB 5004 An Act Raising The Minimum Fair Wage.
SB 504 An Act Concerning Youthful Offenders, Treatment And Community Based Solutions.
HB 5386 An Act Prohibiting The Sale Or Transfer Of Dogs And Cats At Pet Shops That Are Not From Animal Welfare Organizations.
HB 7147 An Act Making Deficiency Appropriations For The Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2019.
SB 992 An Act Concerning The Trust Act.