Bills in the Connecticut General Assembly

Recently Updated Bills

Session Bill Title
2021 SB 947 An Act Establishing A Working Group To Review The Effects Of The Education Cost Sharing Grant Formula On Small And Rural Towns.
2021 HJ 59 Resolution Approving An Amendment To The State Constitution To Allow For Early Voting.
2021 SB 901 An Act Extending To June 30, 2021, Changes Implemented For The 2020 State Election As A Result Of Covid 19.
2021 SB 990 An Act Preventing New Data Caps During Covid 19.
2021 HB 6500 An Act Concerning Supplemental Revisions To The State's Hemp Program Statute.

Recent Reactions

Bill Title
HB 6425 An Act Concerning Aid In Dying For Terminally Ill Patients.
HB 6046 An Act Concerning The Sale And Use Of Consumer Grade Fireworks.
HB 6450 An Act Implementing The Governor's Budget Recommendations Concerning Public Health.
HB 6446 An Act Concerning The Governor's Budget Recommendations For Human Services.
HB 5766 An Act Establishing A Task Force To Study The Expansion Of Affordable And Quality Child Care.
SB 407 An Act Establishing A Task Force To Study Issues Related To Protecting Mixed Use Building Residents And Occupants From Secondhand Smoke.
SB 220 An Act Concerning Incarcerated Persons With Mental Illness.
HB 6423 An Act Concerning Immunizations.
HB 6355 An Act Concerning Risk Protection Orders Or Warrants.
HB 6211 An Act Concerning Gender And Racial Diversity On State Boards And Commissions.
SB 55 An Act Designating Racism As A Public Health Crisis In The State And Establishing A Commission To Study The Impact Of Institutional Racism On Public Health.
SB 888 An Act Responsibly And Equitably Regulating Adult Use Cannabis.
HB 5353 An Act Concerning Insurance Network Leasing Contract Standards.
HB 6589 An Act Concerning Third Party Access To Participating Dental Provider Contracts.
SB 568 An Act Eliminating The Nonmedical Exemption To The Immunization Requirement.