Bills in the Connecticut General Assembly

Behind the Bills:

Bill Title
SB 226 An Act Authorizing Dual Landings Of Fish In The State.
SB 539 An Act Concerning The Sale Of Cider And Food By Holders Of A Manufacturer Permit For Cider.
SB 556 An Act Concerning Additional Compensation For Certain Retired Public Safety Employees.
SB 851 An Act Prohibiting The Disaggregation Of Student Data By Ethnic Subgroups In The Public School Information System.
HB 7335 An Act Concerning Out Of State Use Of Electronic Benefit Transfer Cards.

Recently Updated Bills:

Session Bill Title
2019 SB 682 An Act Concerning State Employee Reporting Of Wasteful Practices.
2019 HB 6088 An Act Concerning Disclosure Of Certain Third Party Administrator Fees.
2019 SB 951 An Act Concerning Veteran Enrollment In Certain Alternate Route To Certification Programs.
2019 HB 5575 An Act Concerning The Suspension Of Delinquency Proceedings For Fire Starting Behavior Treatment.
2019 HB 7378 An Act Concerning Negligent Homicide With A Motor Vehicle And Illegal Racing.

Recent Reactions:

Bill Title
SB 992 An Act Concerning The Trust Act.
HB 6876 An Act Concerning The Copying Of Public Records By Using A Hand Held Scanner.
SB 948 An Act Concerning The Recommendations Of The Connecticut Sentencing Commission With Respect To Misdemeanor Sentences.
HB 7083 An Act Concerning The Inclusion Of Puerto Rican And Latino Studies In The Public School Curriculum.
SB 164 An Act Including Certain Mental Or Emotional Impairments Within The Definition Of "Personal Injury" Under The Workers' Compensation Statutes.
SB 1115 An Act Concerning A Study Of The State's Civil Laws.
HB 7424 An Act Concerning The State Budget For The Biennium Ending June Thirtieth, 2021, And Making Appropriations Therefor, And Implementing Provisions Of The Budget.
SB 641 An Act Concerning Review Of Election Laws.
HB 7160 An Act Increasing Voter Access.
SB 838 An Act Concerning Required Health Insurance Coverage And Cost Sharing For Mammograms And Breast Ultrasounds.
SB 375 An Act Concerning Nursing Home Staffing Levels.
HB 6540 An Act Concerning The Prevention Of Hiv.
SB 957 An Act Concerning The Inclusion Of Computer Science Instruction In The Public School Curriculum, Programs Of Teacher Preparation And In Service Training Programs For Teachers.
HB 7163 An Act Implementing The Governor's Budget Recommendations For The Department Of Aging And Disability Services.
HB 7179 An Act Concerning Crumbling Concrete Foundations.