Bills in the Connecticut General Assembly

Session Bill Title
2019 SR 19 Resolution Confirming The Nomination Of Jordan A. Scheff Of Vernon To Be Commissioner Of Developmental Services.
2019 HR 19 Resolution Confirming The Nomination Of Thomas J. Saadi Of Danbury To Be Commissioner Of Veterans Affairs.
2019 HJ 67 Resolution Memorializing Congress To Amend The Social Security Act.
2019 SB 864 An Act Concerning Liability For Injuries Occurring In A Skateboard Park Or A Dog Park Maintained By A Municipality.
2019 SR 18 Resolution Confirming The Nomination Of Joshua Geballe Of Guilford To Be Commissioner Of Administrative Services.

Recent reactions:

Bill Title
SB 717 An Act Concerning Transportation Project Prioritization.
HB 5762 An Act Concerning The Use Of Contractors By The Department Of Motor Vehicles.
SB 134 An Act Opening The State Employee Health Insurance Plan To Small Business Employees.
HB 6093 An Act Concerning Consideration Of Immigration Status By Health Carriers.
SB 1 An Act Concerning Paid Family And Medical Leave.
HB 5003 An Act Implementing A Paid Family Medical Leave Program.
HB 5279 An Act Concerning The Number Of Sworn State Police Officers.
HB 5310 An Act Authorizing Sunday Hunting On Public And Private Lands By Shotgun And Rifle.
HB 6013 An Act Prohibiting The Expansion Of Hunting In Connecticut.
HB 5309 An Act Expanding The State's Three Hunting Seasons Each By One Week.
HB 6015 An Act Authorizing Local Control Of Animal Trapping And Hunting.
SB 586 An Act Authorizing Black Bear Hunting In Litchfield County.
HB 5272 An Act Permitting Municipal Regulation Of Trapping And Hunting.
HB 5393 An Act Establishing A Lottery For A Black Bear Hunting Permit In Litchfield County.
HB 5249 An Act Prohibiting The Purchase Or Use Of Artificial Turf By The State And Municipalities.