Bills in the Connecticut General Assembly

Recently Updated Bills

Session Bill Title
2023 HB 6874 An Act Concerning Judicial Branch Operations, The Sharing Of Judicial Branch Records And The Award Of Damages In Certain Civil Matters.
2023 HB 6735 An Act Concerning Conveyance Of Title To Real Property In Matters Involving A Decree Of Annulment, Dissolution Of Marriage Or Legal Separation.
2023 HJ 178 Resolution Granting The Claims Commissioner An Extension Of Time To Dispose Of The Claim Of Timothy Hughes.
2023 SB 967 An Act Concerning Certain Procedures For Background Checks Of Pistol Permit Applicants.
2023 SB 1231 An Act Concerning A Defendant's Competency To Stand Trial And Early Release Into The Community.

Recent Reactions

Bill Title
SB 1180 An Act Concerning Rideshare And Delivery Driver Minimum Standards.
HB 6552 An Act Concerning The Connecticut Retirement Security Program.
HB 6664 An Act Managing Waste And Creating A Waste Authority.
SB 1096 An Act Concerning The Charter School Approval Process.
SB 1221 An Act Concerning The Enforcement Of Violations Of The Freedom Of Information Act And The Reporting Of Open Requests.
SB 1153 An Act Establishing An Exemption From Disclosure For Certain Higher Education Records Pertaining To Research Or Teaching Under The Freedom Of Information Act.
SB 1157 An Act Concerning Revisions To The Freedom Of Information Act Concerning Employees Of Public Agencies.
HB 6912 An Act Concerning Nondisclosure Of Information Regarding And Conduct Toward Certain Election Workers.
SB 1155 An Act Implementing Recommendations Of The Freedom Of Information Commission.
SB 1196 An Act Concerning Procedures Of The Department Of Correction Relating To Strip Searches And The Transfer Of Persons Who Are Incarcerated Between Correctional Facilities.
SB 1216 An Act Concerning Funding For Student Meals.
SB 1147 An Act Concerning The Environmental Justice Program Of The Department Of Energy And Environmental Protection.
SB 390 An Act Designating Pizza As The State Food.
SB 387 An Act Concerning Presidential Electors.
HB 6866 An Act Concerning The Updating Of State Forms And Applications To Include A Nonbinary Gender Option.