Bills in the Connecticut General Assembly

Recently Updated Bills

Session Bill Title
2024 SB 13 An Act Incentivizing Student Loan Repayment Assistance.
2024 HB 5155 An Act Concerning The Legislative Commissioners' Recommendations For Technical Revisions To The Housing Statutes.
2024 SB 248 An Act Establishing The Connecticut Ireland Trade Commission.
2024 HB 5277 An Act Amending The Charter Of The South Central Connecticut Water Authority.
2024 HB 5189 An Act Concerning A Study Of Ways To Promote And Grow Economic Activity On The State's Coastline And Waterways.

Recent Reactions

Bill Title
HB 5320 An Act Concerning Hospital Financial Assistance.
SB 395 An Act Concerning Medicaid Budgeting Methods And The Reporting Of Medical Debt.
SB 450 An Act Phasing In The Exemption Of Motor Vehicles From Property Tax And Increases In The Uniform Property Assessment Rate.
HB 5454 An Act Concerning Mental Health Services For Young Children And Their Caregivers.
HB 5413 An Act Concerning The Illegal Use Of Certain Vehicles And Street Takeovers.
HB 5382 An Act Requiring The Child Advocate To Review The Statutes, Policies And Procedures Of The Department Of Children And Families.
SB 437 An Act Concerning The Structure Of The Office Of The Child Advocate Within The Office Of Governmental Accountability.
HB 5324 An Act Establishing Secondary Traffic Violations.
HB 5261 An Act Prohibiting The Sale Of Energy Drinks To Individuals Under Sixteen Years Of Age.
HB 5318 An Act Requiring The Licensure Of Lactation Consultants.
HB 5232 An Act Concerning Solar Projects Throughout The State.
SB 2 An Act Concerning Artificial Intelligence.
HB 5369 An Act Concerning A Benefits Cliff Pilot Program.
SB 416 An Act Concerning The Conversion Of Commercial Real Property For Residential Use.
SB 351 An Act Increasing Funding For The Community Investment Account.