Bills in the Connecticut General Assembly

Behind the Bills:

Bill Title
SB 226 An Act Authorizing Dual Landings Of Fish In The State.
SB 539 An Act Concerning The Sale Of Cider And Food By Holders Of A Manufacturer Permit For Cider.
SB 556 An Act Concerning Additional Compensation For Certain Retired Public Safety Employees.
SB 851 An Act Prohibiting The Disaggregation Of Student Data By Ethnic Subgroups In The Public School Information System.
HB 7335 An Act Concerning Out Of State Use Of Electronic Benefit Transfer Cards.

Recently Updated Bills:

Session Bill Title
2019 HB 7414 An Act Establishing The State Capitol Complex Fund For Capital Expenditure Programs At The State Capitol And The Old State House And A Tax Credit For Donations To Said Fund.
2019 HB 7413 An Act Concerning The Failure To File For Certain Grand List Exemptions And The Payment Of A Grant In Aid To The Town Of Wallingford, Authorizing The Renewal Of Certain Temporary Notes By The Town Of Woodbridge And Concerning The Extension For Filing A Declaration.
2019 SB 1122 An Act Concerning A Study Of State Revenue Policies.
2019 HB 7412 An Act Concerning A Study Of Certain Taxes.
2019 HB 7416 An Act Concerning A Study Of Ways To Encourage Renovation And Expansion Of The Connecticut Regional Market In Hartford.

Recent Reactions:

Bill Title
SB 1085 An Act Concerning The Legalization Of The Retail Sale And Possession Of Cannabis And Concerning Erasure Of Criminal Records In The Case Of Convictions Based On The Possession Of A Small Amount Of Cannabis.
HB 7372 An Act Concerning Driving While Under The Influence Of An Intoxicating Drug.
SB 1089 An Act Concerning Cannabis And The Workplace.
HB 7385 An Act Concerning The Department Of Administrative Services And Changes To Affirmation, Affidavit And Certification Requirements For Large State Contracts.
SB 1120 An Act Concerning The Mill Rate For Real Property And Motor Vehicles Owned By Certain Utility Companies And Establishing A Property Tax Exemption For Certain Items Warehoused In The State By Such Companies.
HB 6714 An Act Concerning The Cost Of Telecommunication Services For Inmates.
SB 691 An Act Concerning The Expungement Of Criminal Records.
HB 7411 An Act Establishing A Personal Income Tax Deduction For Individual Health Insurance Premium Payments.
SB 913 An Act Concerning The Extension Of The Statute Of Limitations For The Prosecution Of Sexual Assault.
HB 7408 An Act Concerning Municipal Revenue And Stormwater Authority, Studies Of The Pilot Grants Program And A Property Tax Exemption For Machinery And Equipment, And Enterprise Zones.
SB 1113 An Act Concerning The Recommendations Of The Connecticut Sentencing Commission With Respect To The Sexual Offender Registry, Petitions To Terminate Parental Rights Of Incarcerated Parents And Sentence Review.
HB 5521 An Act Expanding Required Health Insurance Coverage For Preexisting Conditions.
SB 750 An Act Concerning The Prevention And Treatment Of Mental Illness At Institutions Of Higher Education.
HB 7415 An Act Concerning A Surcharge On Capital Gains.
SB 570 An Act Concerning Opportunity Zones.