Bills in the Connecticut General Assembly

Session Bill Title
2019 SB 248 An Act Concerning The Fleet Registration Of School Buses.
2019 SB 262 An Act Concerning The Storage Of Alcoholic Liquor By Holders Of Wholesaler Permits.
2019 SB 344 An Act Ensuring Diversity In The Selection Of A Jury Panel.
2019 HB 5950 An Act Requiring The Replacement Of The Bridge Over The Mattabassett River At The Border Of Middletown And Cromwell.
2019 SB 227 An Act Prohibiting The Use Of Single Use Plastic Bags.

Recent reactions:

Bill Title
SB 289 An Act Concerning Funding Of The Department Of Veterans Affairs.
HB 5421 An Act Adopting The Interstate Compact To Elect The President Of The United States By National Popular Vote.
HB 5171 An Act Prohibiting The Executive Branch From Making Rescissions Or Other Reductions To The Education Cost Sharing Grant During The Fiscal Year.
HB 5460 An Act Concerning Minimum Employee Wages For Providers Of State Administered Services For Persons With Intellectual Disabilities.
SB 421 An Act Concerning Municipal Budget Reserves For The Biennium Ending June 30, 2019.
SB 17 An Act Concerning Procedures Related To Collecting And Processing Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits.
HB 5222 An Act Concerning Access To Information For Sexual Assault Victims.
HB 5305 An Act Concerning A Request For Proposals To Qualify An Entity To Develop A Casino Gaming Facility In The State.
SJ 35 Resolution Proposing An Amendment To The State Constitution To Protect Real Property Held Or Controlled By The State.
HB 5210 An Act Mandating Insurance Coverage Of Essential Health Benefits And Expanding Mandated Health Benefits For Women, Children And Adolescents.
SB 256 An Act Concerning Racial And Ethnic Impact Statements.
SB 508 An Act Restricting The Use Of Nondisparagement And Settlement Agreements By State Agencies And Quasi Public Agencies.
SB 175 An Act Implementing The Recommendations Of The Auditors Of Public Accounts.
SB 206 An Act Authorizing Pregnancy As A Qualifying Event For Special Enrollment Periods For Certain Individuals.
HB 5765 An Act Establishing The Federal Shutdown Affected Employees Loan Program And Providing Additional Assistance To Federal Employees.