Bills in the Connecticut General Assembly

Recently Updated Bills

Session Bill Title
2023 SR 27 Resolution Proposing Approval Of A Memorandum Of Understanding Between The State Of Connecticut, Office Of Labor Relations And The Connecticut State Employees Association, Education Professions (P 3 B) Concerning Accretion Of Employees In The Classification Of Behavioral Health Clinical Supervisor.
2023 HB 6901 An Act Concerning A Student Loan Reimbursement Program For Certain Professionals.
2023 HB 6726 An Act Concerning The Regulation Of Livestock And Certain Rabbit Processing Facilities.
2023 SB 1023 An Act Concerning Probate Court Operations.
2023 SB 1148 An Act Authorizing Certain Killing And Hunting Of Black Bear And Prohibiting Bird Feeders And Other Unintentional And Intentional Feeding Of Potentially Dangerous Animals.

Recent Reactions

Bill Title
SB 952 An Act Concerning Parole Eligibility For An Individual Serving A Lengthy Sentence For A Crime Committed Before The Individual Reached The Age Of Twenty Five.
HB 6548 An Act Concerning The Department Of Consumer Protection's Recommendations Regarding Alcoholic Liquor Regulation.
SB 351 An Act Concerning The Restructuring Of Certain Taxes And Tax Equity.
HB 6648 An Act Concerning The Online Recording, Indexing And Searching Of Municipal Land Records And Maps.
HB 6484 An Act Concerning Certain Harvesting Of Horseshoe Crabs.
HB 6820 An Act Preventing An Adverse Action Against A Health Care Provider Due To An Adverse Action Taken By Another State As A Result Of Such Provider's Involvement In The Termination Of A Pregnancy.
SB 1226 An Act Concerning State Voting Rights In Recognition Of John R. Lewis.
SB 1195 An Act Establishing Secondary Traffic Violations.
HB 6746 An Act Concerning Wrong Way Driving Detection And Prevention.
SJ 42 Resolution Proposing A State Constitutional Amendment Concerning A Right To Privacy.
HB 6669 An Act Protecting Patients And Prohibiting Unnecessary Health Care Costs.
HB 5781 An Act Concerning A Study Of The Needs Of Senior Citizens.
HB 6677 An Act Concerning Adult Day Centers.
HB 5468 An Act Concerning College Credits Awarded For Military Training.
SB 570 An Act Authorizing A Tribal Resort Casino In Bridgeport, Sports Wagering, Internet Gaming And Internet Lottery.