Bills in the Connecticut General Assembly

Recently Updated Bills

Session Bill Title
2023 HB 6384 An Act Prohibiting The Use Of The Term "Latinx" By State Agencies.
2023 HB 5857 An Act Concerning Workers' Compensation Coverage For Firefighters' Cancer.
2023 HB 5205 An Act Concerning Veterans And The Passport To The Parks Motor Vehicle Registration Fee.
2023 SB 133 An Act Concerning Unannounced Closures Of Retail Pharmacies.
2023 HB 5076 An Act Concerning The Restoration Of Alewife Cove In New London And Waterford.

Recent Reactions

Bill Title
HB 5133 An Act Concerning Ranked Choice Voting For Municipal Offices.
SB 33 An Act Requiring Digital Devices Sold In The State To Be Equipped With A Usb Type C Port.
HB 5070 An Act Prohibiting State And Municipal Contracts For The Purchase And Installation Of Artificial Turf Fields.
HB 5243 An Act Concerning The Disclosure Of Salary Ranges In Job Postings.
HB 6246 An Act Adopting Permanent Eastern Standard Time.
SB 501 An Act Concerning Online Public Notices.
HB 6347 An Act Concerning The Purchase Of Print And Digital Advertising By The State.
HB 6530 An Act Concerning Aid In Dying For Terminally Ill Patients.
HB 5450 An Act Prohibiting Discrimination In Insurance Underwriting Based On The Breed Of A Homeowner's Dog.
HB 5434 An Act Concerning The Regulation Of Cannabis.
HB 5900 An Act Requiring Parental Notification Of The Provision Of Any Medical Or Mental Health Service To A Minor.
HB 5928 An Act Concerning Notification Of A Parent Or Guardian When A Minor Seeks To Terminate A Pregnancy.
HB 5190 An Act Requiring Parental Notification Prior To The Termination Of A Pregnancy By A Minor.
SB 389 An Act Concerning Ranked Choice Voting.
SB 138 An Act Concerning Rent Stability And No Fault Evictions.